How To S.L.A.Y.

On Saturday, September 2, Ms. Curzetta Austin will lead the girls in a session on self-esteem and motivation.  The topic of discussion will be, ‘How to S.L.A.Y.’ (flyer below).

The term “SLAY” is used when you have done something that your peers deem amazing or awesome.  SLAY often refers to when you are well put together (outfit, make-up, accessories, shoes) or when you rock a performance.  During this session, Ms. Austin will use S.L.A.Y.  to layout a few tips on how to maintain solid self-esteem and motivation to succeed!

Self-esteem is one of the biggest challenges we face as women, and it starts at a young age.  Our goal in hosting these mentoring sessions is to expose girls to various strategies for success and connect them with WONDERWOMEN who will share their experiences.

You’ll see we used the image of MOANA for this flyer.  If you haven’t seen the movie, it is AWESOME!  Moana is a young girl who struggles with following the path her family wants versus her “inner calling” and passion.  She ends ups pursuing a path that leaves her questioning who she was, and if she made the right choice.  She had to face some major fears but eventually finds her way!  MOANA definitely learned how to “SLAY”, and it took a lot of courage.  We hope that girls who connect with this program will not only discover and embrace their passions and purpose, but that they do it BOLDLY and with COURAGE!

Until then,


090217_Meeting Flyer_A


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