Scholarship winners


Daisha Hall, Gulfport High School

2020 Celebrate Sisters Scholarship Winner, Ms. Destney Johnson


“Because of your support, I will be prepared academically and financially throughout my journey to receiving my Bachelors in Computer Information Systems.

IT specialists are particularly beneficial in rural communities where Information Technology developers and large tech companies are limited or non-existent. These are the areas I plan to serve. I am grateful to be an awardee, and I will use it to advance my IT education and continue to be an avid leader on and off campus.”

2019 Celebrate Sisters Scholarship Winner, Ms. Armani Beasley

2018 Celebrate Sisters Scholarship Winner, Ms. Vianna Benjamin


Excerpt of Vianna’s Essay:

“Creating the BAE Mentor Program at Bel-Aire Elementary in Gulfport, MS has been my greatest accomplishment yet. I have been blessed with the opportunity to help children with learning disabilities and other challenges grow and develop into young men and young ladies. Watching their growth in their education and zeal for learning catapult due to simple bonding time and tutoring makes me believe even more that there is hope in our generation. This program showed me that my success is not measured by the accolades or the money I make, but its measured by the difference I can make in peoples lives.”

2017 Celebrate Sisters Scholarship Winner, Ms. Santrell “Jade” Perdue!!

Listen in as we surprise Jade with the news about the scholarship


“As young African American women in today’s society we are still trying to overcome political obstacles. As a young lady in New Orleans I see so many broken homes and young girls going astray after generations of being neglected and not having guidance. A newborn can’t learn how to walk if the mother is not there to show her how, so it is important to have role model to guide and warn us ladies about the hardships of life. Role models are important for mental guidance and importantly spiritual guidance. So many young ladies are giving themselves to men freely and they don’t know their self worth. This generation of young ladies today is sad because we are losing our morals. We dress like we don’t respect ourselves, we talk like we don’t respect ourselves, and we act like we don’t respect ourselves. We need role models in our lives to teach us how to have class and love ourselves. We need role models to bring us to church and be spiritually strong. If young girls today don’t love Jesus first, then they won’t be able to love themselves. If you don’t love yourself how can you expect for someone else to love you back. It is imperative that young ladies get back to church and have christian role models. Having a person to guide a young lady in the right direction can save her time in life. We can reach our promise land much faster without the road bumps.

One of many role models I have is my first lady of my church, Melissa Watson. She is an all around great person. Melissa is a Christian woman, wife, mother, and social worker. She is a great multitasker and overall great person. After church service is over, you can find her greeting people and cleaning up and reaching out to people.