Dream Board Party 2017

Ain’t no party like DREAM BOARD Party, ‘cuz a DREAM BOARD PARTY don’t stop! (Yes, we know that’s not proper grammar!)  A Dream Board Party doesn’t stop because we want to help keep dreams alive!

Celebrate Sisters Mentoring program hosted a Dream Board Party on June 24, a spin-off of the popular Vision Board.  Girls in the mentoring program, their moms,  and other “sister-friends”  spent a Saturday afternoon creating Dream Boards – visual representations of dreams, aspirations, and values.

The group enjoyed an afternoon of fellowship, music, food, and crafts.  Some of the more “seasoned” sister-friends who came to support the event were a little hesitant to create a board at first because it had been MANY years since they actually used glue sticks and poster boards.  But after working on the goal sheets used to help ignite their ideas, everyone got in the creative zone!

Take a look at a few highlights from the Party!

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