Pay it Forward

One of the pillars of Celebrate Sisters is Scholarship.  Celebrate Sisters will award scholarships to eligible young ladies from the MS Gulf Coast who choose higher education as a path to fulfill their purpose.

Celebrate Sisters also includes a Mentoring Program, with aims to help young girls walk confidently in their purpose through self-discovery, self-acceptance, and confidence-building. Celebrate Sisters supports this development in young girls by:  providing a community of Sisters who Celebrate each other, hosting regular meetings and educational sessions, and providing role models to support them on their individual journeys.  

If you would like to donate to Celebrate Sisters, please email stating the amount you would like to donate, and we will send you an online donation form.  We accept PayPal credit card payments through our online form.  .

If you cannot donate to the scholarship fund at this time, you may consider contributing in the following ways:

  • Providing coupons or gift cards for honorable mentions in the scholarship contest
  • Sponsoring lunch/meals for mentoring events
  • Serving as a mentor or speaker for upcoming events
  • Sponsoring space for events
  • Hosting a young lady as an intern to shadow or as an apprentice.

Questions?  Email