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Dining with Lady Jo

We are excited to host our first dining etiquette  brunch next Saturday.  Our facilitator will be Lady Josephine Jackson of Gulfport, MS.  Celebrate Sisters Mentoring Program is for young ladies ages 10-21, but this event is open to all interested in a little Saturday etiquette class!

This is a free a event, but seating is limited! Please see the flyer for RSVP details.

We are also looking for sponsors for future events.  Are you interested in supporting a program giving young girls positive role models, leadership development, and college scholarships? If so, contact us at or call 845-238-1360.


How To S.L.A.Y.

On Saturday, September 2, Ms. Curzetta Austin will lead the girls in a session on self-esteem and motivation.  The topic of discussion will be, ‘How to S.L.A.Y.’ (flyer below).

The term “SLAY” is used when you have done something that your peers deem amazing or awesome.  SLAY often refers to when you are well put together (outfit, make-up, accessories, shoes) or when you rock a performance.  During this session, Ms. Austin will use S.L.A.Y.  to layout a few tips on how to maintain solid self-esteem and motivation to succeed!

Self-esteem is one of the biggest challenges we face as women, and it starts at a young age.  Our goal in hosting these mentoring sessions is to expose girls to various strategies for success and connect them with WONDERWOMEN who will share their experiences.

You’ll see we used the image of MOANA for this flyer.  If you haven’t seen the movie, it is AWESOME!  Moana is a young girl who struggles with following the path her family wants versus her “inner calling” and passion.  She ends ups pursuing a path that leaves her questioning who she was, and if she made the right choice.  She had to face some major fears but eventually finds her way!  MOANA definitely learned how to “SLAY”, and it took a lot of courage.  We hope that girls who connect with this program will not only discover and embrace their passions and purpose, but that they do it BOLDLY and with COURAGE!

Until then,


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Summer Reading Challenge

As we continue to build the foundation of our mentoring program, we will continue to stress the importance of education.  Education is not defined by degrees attained, but by the knowledge attained – which is strengthened through READING!

In the summer, it is easy for kids to get very relaxed because they don’t have homework to keep them busy.  Our mother did not let us get lazy in the summer – instead, she bought us summer workbooks for reading and math.   Yes, the same way we had to complete homework before playing with toys or going outside with friends, we had to do our summer reading and workbooks!

What are some of the benefits of summer reading?

  • It helps children retain the material  learned during the school year
  • It helps ignite creative thinking and imagination which will support problem-solving
  • It helps keep children out of trouble!

To encourage young girls to read this summer, we are proud to announce our Celebrate Sisters Summer Reading Challenge!

There are two reading categories for this competition: 5th – 8th grade and 9th-12th grade.  Since we are based on the MS Coast,  this competition is limited to girls in this region at this time.  The challenge will begin on July 5 and end on August 5 and prizes will be given to the winner of each category.  Entries must be received by 11:59pm on August 5!

Here are the rules for the Celebrate Sisters Summer Reading Challenge:

  • Select books in your reading level and make sure to get parents/guardian approval for content. *For book suggestions, visit your nearest public library.
  • Keep a log of the books read and include the Book Title, Author(s), and Number of Pages.
  • Try to include at least one book that pushes reading skills to the next level.
  • Write a 1 page essay answer the following questions
    • Which book did you enjoy the most and why?
    • What have you learned from doing this reading challenge?
  • Share the summer reading book log so we can highlight how many books you have read during this challenge!
  • Email essays and book lists to and include “SUMMER READING CHALLENGE” in the subject line.
  • OR Mail to 3623 Reeves Lane, Ocean Springs, MS 39564
  • HAVE FUN!!!



Dream Board Party 2017

Ain’t no party like DREAM BOARD Party, ‘cuz a DREAM BOARD PARTY don’t stop! (Yes, we know that’s not proper grammar!)  A Dream Board Party doesn’t stop because we want to help keep dreams alive!

Celebrate Sisters Mentoring program hosted a Dream Board Party on June 24, a spin-off of the popular Vision Board.  Girls in the mentoring program, their moms,  and other “sister-friends”  spent a Saturday afternoon creating Dream Boards – visual representations of dreams, aspirations, and values.

The group enjoyed an afternoon of fellowship, music, food, and crafts.  Some of the more “seasoned” sister-friends who came to support the event were a little hesitant to create a board at first because it had been MANY years since they actually used glue sticks and poster boards.  But after working on the goal sheets used to help ignite their ideas, everyone got in the creative zone!

Take a look at a few highlights from the Party!

PODCAST #1 and My Nutritional Story

Our first podcast is available for your listening pleasure (link at the end of this post). I spent some time last Saturday morning with Jessica McAllister (Registered Dietitian) discussing NUTRITION and her recently released e-book, Operation Nutrition: From Beginner to Boss (get your copy here.)

We did this in conjunction with National Nutrition Month.  Jessica also shares a lot of great tips on meal prep and ensuring balanced meals on her FB page.  I’m always watching the posts and saying, THAT’S A GOOD IDEA or I SHOULD TRY THAT, or I NEED TO DO THAT!  But what do I do?  Unfortunately, I fall back in my regular old routine.

My personal challenge with nutrition is making sure I eat ALL my meals, and that they are nutritionally balanced.  I have gotten into a bad habit of skipping lunch to WORK and this has to change.  I’ve been sick TWICE in the past 2 months – once with flu and then a severe cold.  The last round of antibiotics was a wake-up call that I need to make sure I take preventive measures, including increased Vitamin C and multivitamins.

When I was sick I lost my appetite, so I was DEFINITELY not getting in the appropriate amount of calories and nutrients.  I also felt really low in energy, which made my daily routine more difficult.  One thing I have learned is that although I push myself to the limit at times trying to stay on top of work, stay active singing with my group (traveling to MS), get Celebrate Sisters established, and have a fraction of a social life, my body will SHUT DOWN, regardless of my to-do list.  And when it says enough, we have no choice but to listen.

So my first step, as Jessica suggests in her podcast interview, is to really take a look at what I’m currently doing, and then set some goals.  Where do I begin?  I tend to enjoy a shake (homemade or from Smoothie King) for breakfast, but eat a light or invisible lunch, and then an OK dinner.  My sister has gotten on my case about taking supplements while I work on getting what I need from my natural diet.  One goal is to do meal prep (likely on Sundays) that includes healthy meals and snacks that help boost energy!  Another goal is to restock on vitamins – but I will work with my physician on this to make sure I get the ones I need and the right amounts!  I won’t lie and say I’m 100% on top of this, but since I’m telling ya’ll what I’m doing, I feel accountable.

My challenge to you is to make sure you really do take care of your body, which means to LISTEN to your body. We only get one.  Yes, I know they make prosthetics limbs and are working on creating artificial organs.  But if you ever had to replace a part in a car, you know that the car never runs the same once you’ve replaced a part.  It is unfortunate that it takes sickness, injury or other physical challenges to realize our body IS fragile and needs a lot of care and attention.

Thank goodness for folks like Jessica who help keep us motivated, informed, and on track when it comes to our nutrition and health!!!   I feel like this saying is a great way to end the post – YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!!

Thanks for reading My Nutritional Story. Well, I hope you got something “nutritional” from it – even if just the link to Jessica’s FB page and podcast interview!  I’d love to hear from you about ways to keep a nutritionally balanced diet with an extremely busy lifestyle.  Please share in the comments!

#Balance #Goals #NutritionMatters

Ja’Wanda S. Grant

Click here to listen to the podcast interview with Jessica McAllister!